A High Performance Petroleum Reservoir Simulator
Version 1.7 now shipping

Echelon is the fastest reservoir simulator in the world. It typically achieves between 10x – 50x faster runtimes than the leading commercial offerings while retaining the accuracy you expect from legacy simulators. Furthermore, Echelon has demonstrated scaling to very large systems with 100’s of millions of cells in high density workstation and cluster solutions.


  • Full Physics Finite Vol. Formulation
  • Extended Black Oil
  • ECLIPSE input/output compatibility
  • Utilizes Multiple GPUs
  • Utilizes Multi-node clusters
  • Block Centered Geometry
  • Corner Point Geometry
  • Unstructured Grids
  • Dual Porosity
  • Dual Permeability
  • Saturation Tables
  • Endpoint Scaling
  • Hysteresis
  • Historic Well Data
  • Three-Phase Mixing Model
  • Pressure Tables
  • Rock Compaction
  • Well Trajectories & Transmissibilities Primary Well Controls
  • Secondary Controls and Limits
  • VFP Tables
  • Hydrostatic Heads
  • Wellbore Crossflow
  • Aquifiers
  • Tunable Solver Parameters
  • Adaptive Timestepping
  • Scheduled Well Events
  • 3rd Party tools compatibility


Echelon is one of the most disruptive technologies I’ve seen in my career doing simulation. It has proven ability to rapidly run very large, multi-million cell, full-physics models using massive parallelism. For iReservoir, this has led to improved understanding of complex systems by allowing for broad ranging sensitivity analysis in vastly reduced time frames.

– Jim Gilman, iReservoir

ECHELON has transformed the way we develop and simulate complex models with many millions of cells. What previously took days or weeks now takes minutes or hours and we are able to retain reservoir detail and complexity by addressing very large models not previously possible.

– Dr. Edward Yang, Marathon Oil


Technical Papers

Accelerating Tight Reservoir Workflows With GPUs

K. Mukundakrishnan et. al. , RSS, Feb 2015

Realizing the Potential of GPUs for Reservoir Simulation

K. Esler et. al., ECMOR 2014

A GPU accelerated aggregation algebraic multigrid method

R. Gandham, Computers and Mathematics with Applications 68 (2014) 1151-1160

Case Studies

Permian Basin: ECHELON runs 100 realizations of 16M cell models in 5 hours.

SPE10: ECHELON runs full SPE10 model in 38 seconds on 2 K80 GPUs.

Bactrian: ECHELON runs 240 million cell model in 144 minutes on 32 GPUs.