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We've set a course to create the fastest reservoir simulation software in the world.

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About our company

Stone Ridge Technology (SRT) was founded in Bel Air, Maryland by Dr. Vincent Natoli in 2005. Beginning as a company offering consulting services in high performance computing, Dr. Natoli employed top-tier physicists, computer scientists and applied mathematicians creating a company which became known as having broad expertise in computational science, numerical algorithms, and emerging accelerator technologies such as GPUs. The SRT team set course to create the fastest reservoir simulation software in the world developing codes to take advantage of the performance GPUs offered, an idea which led the entire industry to follow suit. SRT began marketing ECHELON software actively in 2016. In 2018 SRT signed a widely publicized cooperative development agreement with Eni, S.P.A, the Italian energy leader.

Focusing on efficiency, accuracy, and speed, we're transforming reservoir engineering workflows by designing best-in-class reservoir simulation software and experiences rooted in data and technological expertise.

Industrial Partnership With ENI | SRT

Industrial partnerships

ENI Industrial Partnership | Stone Ridge Technology

We are grateful to Eni for creating this video which was displayed on their stand during ADIPEC 2021.

Alessandro Caschili, ENI | Stone Ridge Technology Testimonial

“The speed and flexibility of ECHELON will be the key elements for the subsurface modelling in the energy transition pathway.”

Alessandro Caschili

Head of Reservoir Innovative Technologies ENI
Marica Calabrese, ENI | Stone Ridge Technology Testimonial

“Its [ECHELON's] implementation significantly changed our activities because, thanks to the speed of ECHELON (...) we were able to better calibrate the reservoir model (...) and span all the relevant uncertainties by creating hundreds of simulations in a short time.”

Marica Calabrese

Head of Reservoir Studies North Africa & Middle East ENI
Andrea Rimoldi, ENI | Stone Ridge Technology Testimonial

“In very few days our reservoir engineer was able to carry-out thousands of fluid-dynamic simulations, varying many different reservoir parameters, from geological and engineering point of view: a remarkable performance for a full range risk analysis, not achievable with any other available software.”

Andrea Rimoldi

Head of Reservoir Studies Americas, Central Asia, Far East & Pacific ENI

Reservoir Simulation Software Products

ECHELON reservoir simulation software, our high-performance petroleum reservoir simulator makes light work of complex black-oil and compositional models and has garnered a reputation for exceptional speed. ECHELON software is changing how reservoir engineers work by making them more efficient and opening up workflows that were previously thought to be too compute intensive.

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ECHELON: Reservoir Simulation Software | SRT

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