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The Stone Ridge Technology team, along with our development partners at Eni are pleased to announce the latest release of the ECHELON software, version 2023.3. The key new features are described in more detail below:

AMD support

AMD Instinct GPUs (MI210, MI250 and MI250X) are now supported by ECHELON, in addition to NVIDIA GPUs.

Three-phase compositional models with live water option

Models with live water (i.e., accounting for aqueous-hydrocarbon phase equilibrium at reservoir conditions) now also support equilibrium with the liquid phase at reservoir condition. This extension to the previously available live water option notably enables the modeling of Carbon sequestration in depleted gas condensate fields.

Pressure maintenance support for coupled reservoirs

The pressure maintenance facility is now available in ERC (ECHELON reservoir coupling) runs. Pressure in a given region of a given reservoir can be controlled through injection or production of groups sharing wells between all reservoirs.

Compositional fluid lumping in ERC (ECHELON reservoir coupling) simulations

The Field Scheduler now incorporates the capability to employ a super component fluid description, enabling the simulation of production and injection from reservoirs with fluids characterized by varying numbers of hydrocarbon components. This strategy involves representing multiple reservoir fluids as a fluid with a new set of pseudo-components. This process includes bidirectional lumping/delumping of a multi-component fluid into pseudo-components, resulting in a simplified depiction of the compositional mixture.

Industrialization of the GPU sharing facility

It is now possible to run many ECHELON processes on a single GPU card, using either native functionalities (AMD) or NVIDIA Multi Process Service (MPS), without the need for customized launch scripts. This is specifically interesting for ERC (ECHELON reservoir coupling) simulations, as they can be performed on computers with a single GPU card, provided that the total size of all models fits in the GPU memory. The throughput of ensemble models where each realization does not saturate a single GPU may also be improved by running multiple realizations concurrently on each device.

FNS (Facility Network Solver) syntax extension

FNS, ECHELON’s integrated surface network solver, now also supports input files using the industry-standard syntax in order to facilitate integration with third-party pre-processors.

Leonardo Patacchini

Leonardo Patacchini

Leonardo is the Regional Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He holds a PhD in physics from MIT and undergraduate degrees from Ecole Polytechnique. Prior to working at Stone Ridge Technology he spent 10 years at Total Energies as a Reservoir Engineer both practicing and in research.

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