Lead Software Engineer

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Bel Air, MD

Lead Software Engineer Job Description

We have opening for a Lead Software Engineer in our Bel Air, MD. Duties include 1) performing design, implementation and maintenance of highly complex application using large scale HPC (high performance computation), multi-core/multi-node and GPU programming; 2) Performing highly complex defect investigation and resolution, testing and support for the software product; 3) Researching and understanding market requirements including target environment and performance criteria; 4) Researching new technology or development tools to remain informed of current technology; 5) Providing input on relevant areas of product architecture; 6) Designing and carrying out validation and verification studies; 7) Helping with writing tests for specific features.

Job Experience

  • - 7+ years related experience
  • - Meshing Technologies
  • - Parallel and High Performance Computing

Job Requirements

  • - C/C++
  • - Unix/Linux Code Development
  • - Windows

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