How would you fit in at SRT

At Stone Ridge Technology, we are continually adding to our team of exceptional individuals who share our passion for leading-edge technologies in high performance computing. We are always seeking candidates with exceptional skills in C/C++ and experience in Computational Science and Engineering algorithm design.


We are currently seeking candidates for the positions below. Please respond with a resume and cover letter sent to


Stone Ridge Technology has a full time opportunity for a reservoir engineer to run simulations, identify performance issues, debug models and interpret results. Qualified applicants will have worked at least year on simulation projects with real assets. An interest and experience with high-performance scientific and engineering based technical applications is favored. MS or PhD preferred.

Job Requirements:

  • M.S. or Ph.D. in Petroleum or Chemical Engineering.
  • Experience running reservoir simulators, debugging models and code, identifying performance issues and interpreting results.
  • A¬†practical and theoretical knowledge of reservoir simulation fundamentals, Darcy flow, numerical solution of PDEs, sparse linear algebra.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work with clients.

Job Preferences:

  • Experience with linux systems and developing technical code.
  • Experience with High Performance Computing.
  • Experience with C++/C, Perl, Python and shell scripting.


Stone Ridge Technology has an immediate opening for a full-time computational scientist. The candidate will join a small team working on large-scale high performance scientific and engineering codes. Exceptional ability in C++, C and UNIX required. The candidate should have experience with multi-core/multi-node and GPU programming and the ability to rapidly understand and contribute to complex codes in a variety of engineering and scientific disciplines. PhD in Physics, Applied Math or Engineering preferred.

Job Requirements:

  • Exceptional programming ability in C and C++.
  • Experience with large-scale technical codes as a primary author.
  • Experience in GPU programming with CUDA.
  • Experience in multi-core programming with OpenMP and MPI.
  • Experience with Unix systems especially Linux.

Job Preferences:

  • PhD in Physics, Applied Math or Engineering.
  • Experience with problems in Geophysics.
  • Experience with Sparse Linear Systems.
  • Experience in Global Optimization.


Stone Ridge Technology has full time opportunities for outstanding candidates in Computer Science and/or Computer Engineering in development, infrastructure and testing. Qualified applicants will have a diverse background and broad experience with C++, Python, scripting languages and Linux. An interest and experience with high-performance scientific and engineering based technical applications is favored. MS or BS with experience in Computer Science preferred.

Job Requirements:

  • C/C++, Python, shell scripting
  • Highly proficient in UNIX (Linux/FBSD)

Job Preferences:

  • Familiar with software engineering design
  • Familiar with agile/scrum development
  • Working knowledge of continuous integration systems